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What is Incognito mode?

Incognito mode is a feature which allows users to open a browser window which does not save their browsing history, cookies or site data. Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all offer the incognito feature in their browsers and it is very beneficial when it comes to private browsing.

Incognito mode or simply “private browsing” has been around for a good decade now. It started out as a way to prevent cookie over-crowding on a single computer or other shared devices around the home. Cookies help your computer remember:

  • Your accounts and passwords

  • Form entries (for example, in a search bar)

  • Website settings

Why should I use Incognito?

The most common reason to use Incognito mode is for its lack of browsing history. It is also commonly used for security reasons when you are browsing on a computer used by others. While browsing outside of Incognito mode, the browser may be configured to store usernames and passwords for websites to make the browsing experience more fluid. This auto-fill feature is not desirable in the case of a more public computer because it could give out your private information to someone else.

Another less common reason to use Incognito mode is if you are performing a search on the web using a public computer. Previous searches can be saved locally on the machine and may affect future search suggestions and results. Finally, web developers frequently use Incognito mode for testing changes to a website. Web caching can sometimes interfere with new changes showing up, so developers use Incognito mode to avoid web caching altogether.

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