• Marco Pacheco-Loureiro

What do your company email signatures say about you?

An average employee sends 35 emails a day. That’s 700 emails a month or 8,400 emails a year! In a 50-person business that equates to 420,000 emails a year! So, email really matters.

What do your company email signatures say about you?

The perfect signature should be made up of 6 components:

1. CONFORM (a professionally branded email using your logo to affirm your authority);

2. CONTACT (use consistent contact details with a clean layout);

3. CERTIFY (increase trust and respect with awards and certifications);

4. CONNECT (get new social media fans for free);

5. COMMUNICATE (promote important corporate details to get maximum sales benefits); and

6. COMPLY (keep up with disclaimer law and protect your business).

Get more marketing opportunities worldwide and great ROI with professional email signatures.

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