• Marco Pacheco-Loureiro

Tips to protect your privacy in 2019

Make sure everything is up to date

Let’s start with the absolute easiest. A common reason for new versions of apps and operating systems is a security fix. Any older versions you are currently running makes it much easier for hackers to crack rather than their modern counterparts. Update everything so that at least you’ll have the latest security standards working for you. Quick Fact! Over 50% of apps on PCs are old and need updating and Titan are more than happy to assist when it comes to updating or upgrading software.

Use stronger logins with strong passwords Password hackers have gotten faster and more sophisticated. It’s critical that your login credentials and passwords are not only complex but unique as well but make sure you remember to use a different password for every account.

Use 2-factor authentication Chances are, you’ve seen this phrase a lot lately. That’s because it’s an extra security step that goes a long way to keeping frauds from logging in to your accounts as you. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, adds a second step by sending a code to your phone or requiring the answer to a security question. You can even go further and use multi-factor authentication, or MFA, which uses special pieces of hardware as security keys and more. The reason everyone’s talking about 2FA is that it’s smart and it works. Titan has more than happy to assist with getting 2FA or MFA set up on all devices. Be sure to get in contact today!

Use a VPN A virtual private network is a personal encrypted connection to the internet. You are identified online by your IP address, and a VPN lets you shed your own and use its own instead. Your identity becomes anonymous on a VPN, plus there are several other perks such as you can feel safer using public Wi-Fi, you are free from geoblocking and geofencing, you can get around price discrimination, and more.

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