• Marco Pacheco-Loureiro

Farewell Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced recently that they are shutting down Internet Explorer so we at Titan and the inTec Business Group have decided to do a timeline of the biggest Internet Explorer throwbacks!

Internet Explorer 1 was the first and most basic version of the web browser, released in 1995, many will have a nostalgic feeling about it especially those who worked with computers in the Windows 95 days!

Internet Explorer has had quite a few logos throughout its time, which one do you remember most? For us it has to be the 2005-2011 version!

Internet Explorer 2-10 were the prime years of the web browser spanning from mid - 1996 up to 2013, most people who have used the browser will recognise it as something that looked like this.

Internet Explorer 11 was the final version of the web browser and was released in 2013, it was probably the best looking version to date but couldn’t compete with competitors such as Google Chrome so was eventually replaced or re-branded as Microsoft Edge.

So what was your favourite version of the web browser?

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