Titan MAXdesk
Monitoring, Management and Ticketing
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Close Time
* Based on figures from our internal help-desk software 
Enforced SLA
Active Monitoring
Pin-Pointed Alerts
IT network support when you need it!
Our service desk is accessible via helpdesk@titannetworks.co.uk or 0161 972 4161. We adhere to a 1hr SLA, meaning you are never waiting for that much needed IT Support. Usually jobs are closed within minutes by our team.
Access our custom-built support portal to keep up to date on server health, ticket progressions and performance.​​
Using leading edge monitoring services, we actively observe all aspects of your IT infrastructure. This allows us to provide the most effective and efficient, pro-active IT support possible to your business.

As your IT Department, we take all the pressure, responsibility and risk away from maintaining your own infrastructure. This allows you to focus on your business and your objectives. We are always there in the background ensuring you can operate at your optimum.