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Titan Online Backup provides remote online backup facilities for businesses that require the best possible protection of their data. As one of the UK's leading online backup service providers, Titan ensure the highest levels of data security and protection for a large number of organisations, particularly in the legal sector.
Included with all of our support contracts is DR Planning and testing if required.  Any DR or BCP is only as good as your last test, so we urge our clients to do this annually to ensure you can recover from a disaster. We will work together with your managers and directors to formulate a realistic and rock-solid plan that actually works!
Our on-premise appliance server takes a sector based backup of all on premise servers every 15 minutes to the local server. This local server will then replicate data over a VPN back to the data centre. When needed, we can "spin-up" the replicated machines offering almost seamless access to your data either via VPN or Hosted Desktops.
Iron-clad disaster recovery planning, that you can depend on, when you need it the most.
Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity are now globally recognised as vital activities for any business. However, the creation and maintenance of a suitable and water-tight disaster recovery plan is a complex process that involves a series of strict steps.

There are many factors to consider when developing a business disaster recovery plan. Key staff members should be assigned the responsibility for the intricate planning for recovery from the natural and human incidents.

It can be a daunting task as the life of your business will depend on it someday, but Titan can take part of that responsibility away and work together with your business to develop a water-tight disaster recovery plan, document it and if necessary implement it. Using our vast and credible experience we have outlined the following tips which we should always be included in your strategy.

Once you have developed, tested and perfected your disaster recovery plan it must be kept up to date at all times.

We often see the best of disaster recovery plans fair simply because they are years out of date. New staff, new equipment and changes to the network must be fully documented, to avoid a catastrophy at a catastrophic moment. A designated staff member should be appointed the responsibility for keeping the disaster recovery plan updated and maintained.