Super Fast Connectivity
Maximising possibilities
Client Speed
* Based on figures from our internal help-desk software 
Titan can provide your business with the right connection for you which can be relied on.
Broadband connections, speed and resilience is now the most business critical element of your operations, which is why we only use the best providers. From Micro-Wave connections to Leased Line Fibre, we manage the whole process and support of connecting your business.
With thousands of exchanges in the UK, we can connect offices through our channel of suppliers which high-street ISPs cannot. And with Titan managing the whole process, you can get along with running your business and allow us to keep you connected.

Radio Wave
Leased Lines
Fibre / ADSL
Via various partners, we can offer wireless leased-line connectivity with unparallelled speeds, flexibility and resilience. Offering upo to 2gb/s in locations some traditional providers simply cannot. This service is independent to Openreach meaning lines can be deployed in under 25 days.
1:1 Contention with the best possible SLA, Titan can deliver leased line services to businesses who require high resilient connectivity. Through our channel partners, we have access to incredibly competitive pricing for locations some ISPs cannot service.
Depending on your location and business requirements, we can supply both high speed fibre and standard ADSL lines, along with the PSTN analogue lines they require. 
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