About Us?
IT's not about us, it's about the client

Daniel Berke - Solicitor
Perry Peers - IT Manager
" Titan made time to not only understand our business but also the industry in which we operate and put together plans to assist this. Projects were implemented without issues and they take away the stress typically associated with new systems.

As they understood that lawyers bill by the hour, so disruptive works were carried out outside of office hours."
"Titan Networks provide 2nd & 3rd line IT support and deliver major IT projects.

Titan Networks' expertise and willingness to go the extra mile has proved to be invaluable. They are also in my opinion very competitively priced."
"We like to be seen as your in-house IT Department. Call us as many times as you like for any IT related issue or query. We're here for you"
Mick Satiar - Technical Director
Titan Networks is Manchester's fastest responding IT Support Service
With over 20 years of experience in Manchester's IT Industry, our simply structured support package is designed to meet the technical support needs of any business, which have been created with a broad experience of IT Support packages provided by a huge range of businesses across many industry verticals.
From a background that spans the NHS to large law firms, on both an IT management and consultancy basis, we know what works for businesses and that your individual requirements are customisable to your own personal support package. Whether you need us to fully manage your entire infrastructure, require comprehensive day-day support or to reinforcement of your in-house IT department - Titan Network Services Ltd have a support package for you and at a price you are 100% comfortable with.
"The key to a successful IT partnership is allowing us to pro-actively manage your infrastructure, so that issues are resolved before they are noticed by your operations."
Garry Grimshaw - Director
Outsource Your IT Department
  • Low cost, static monthly invoices
  • Know exactly what you're paying for
  • Free up internal resources, let us do the hard work!
  • Improve your IT service! We're the experts, so use our brain power.
  • No hidden costs and no lengthy contracts
  • Complete peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is in the right hands.
  • Your in-house IT Department on your Manchester city centre doorstep.
In these financial uncertain times, SMEs are looking to streamline costs and one of the most common areas to identify is IT.
​Titan Network Services Ltd specialise in IT outsourcing solutions in Manchester and Lancashire with competitive rates, we scale and customise our services to ensure you are covering what is required at a cost you can afford. Moreover, we ensure that our clients are able to focus on their own business development without the burden of IT costs and operational problems.
Having substantially reduced costs in many companies in Manchester, particularly law firms through our dynamic IT support packages, IT outsourcing has proven to be the best way to cut costs without compromising support.